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About Us

We Work for Your Business

We are an independent agency serving the needs of clients across our region and beyond. We are focused on providing you with the best insurance coverage and helping you with your risk management needs. You can trust us when we say we’ll do everything in our power to offer you the right insurance coverage for the right price, because we don’t work for the insurance companies – we work for you! Our team procures quick quotes from multiple, trusted insurance carriers when you give us your information just once.


Personalized Customer Service

Excellent customer service and face-to-face communication is a high priority for us. You’ll never deal with 1-800 numbers or frustrating automated messages when you work with our team. We believe that protecting every aspect of your business is a collaborative venture, so we want to get to know you and your business practice. Whether it’s a new policy or just a simple question, we want to be your quick, reliable source for all things insurance.